Publicly Traded Securities

Thank you for considering an irrevocable gift of securities to a Presbyterian cause! We are grateful for your generosity. Please call us and tell us about your gift.
You can reach us at 800-858-6127 ext. 3041 or email us at

Here are instructions for making your securities transaction:

STEP 1: Contact the Presbyterian Foundation.You can reach us at 800-858-6127 ext. 3041 or email us at We are available by phone 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, Eastern Time. We are here to serve you.

Please have available the following information:

  • Your name/address/contact phone number, email
  • Name of the Financial Institution/Broker transferring the asset
  • The securities being donated and the approximate number of shares
  • Name of the beneficiary
  • Beneficiary fund number at the Presbyterian Foundation (if applicable)
  • Completed copy of the Donation Form, which can be found here.

STEP 2: Contact your financial institution/broker and provide Securities Transfer Instructions for the Presbyterian Foundation.Note: We will provide you with detailed securities transfer instructions to share with your broker after we learn more about your gift as described above.

Securities gifts take time to process. If you would like to claim your securities gift as a tax deduction in the current year, we recommend that you notify your financial institution/broker that you want to donate these securities by December 16. This allows sufficient time to process your gift and record it as a transaction for the current year. Please make sure all other gift types are received by December 31.

We are so grateful for the ways in which you share the love of Christ for the world, and so honored that you trust us to assist and support you. May God bless you in the years to come.