Theological Education Resources

Theological Education Sunday is celebrated each September in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). This year, Theological Education Sunday is officially set for September 15, 2019, but you may celebrate theological education any time that is appropriate for you and your congregation. On this page, you will find links to bulletin inserts, a sample liturgy and other tools that help tell the story of how theological education enriches the ministry of pastors and the lives of congregations.

Resources are linked to each item below. You may click on each title and download each one. These items are undated.

If you’d prefer to order printed pieces and have those shipped to you,¬†you can do that here.

Bulletin Inserts, front and back



Sample liturgy includes¬†a bulletin announcement, hymn selections, scripture suggestions, a simple children’s sermon and prayers. If you’re looking for just the bulletin announcement, you can find that here. The liturgy is based on the lectionary for September 15, 2019, which is when Theological Education Sunday was officially observed in the PC(USA), but you may use it any time or use select elements from the sample liturgy.

Do you need more? Let us connect you with someone who can help. Contact Rev. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty, Senior Director, Theological Education Funds Development at the Presbyterian Foundation. You can reach Lee at 502-569-5357 or call him on the Foundation’s toll-free line, 844-869-2959. You may also e-mail

If you’d like to know more about the Theological Education Fund, you can find that here.