Project Regeneration

Turn Burdens into Blessings

Theologically, churches aren’t buildings. They’re groups of people pursuing the collective call of Christ. The Presbyterian Foundation can help you consider the highest and best use of your church building.

  • A collaborative process that helps your staff and congregation consider other options for your church.
  • Professionally trained experts from the Foundation guide you through the process.

Project Regeneration is designed for congregations who are struggling to keep up with maintenance on an older building, and aren’t sure what to do. It’s a discernment process that helps your church think about your building, and the congregation’s relationship to it, in new ways.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

  • The upkeep of your church’s building is creating a financial drain for your congregation.
  • You love your church and have many memories, but are not sure how to keep it going.
  • The population has changed around you and you are uncertain of how to be relevant.
  • You’re considering merging with another congregation.
Could it be that God is calling your church to something new? Could it be that faithful stewardship might mean a radically new and different understanding of the future?  How are we to demonstrate our faith in God and confidence in the future God would hold for our congregations and us?

The Presbyterian Foundation is partnering with congregations and presbyteries across the denomination to explore creative options that address these questions. Among these, we offer specific expertise in helping your congregation to repurpose financially burdensome church buildings and properties into new opportunities for ministry.

The Presbyterian Foundation can walk along side you when you need to transition church assets for a new ministry, to leave a legacy of your congregation’s ministry, or to work with you to determine other creative solutions to be a good steward of the resources that your congregation has been blessed to receive.

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