Online Giving Program

Offering more than the offering plate

Your church can easily accept secure online donations through the Foundation’s online giving system.

  • Add a donation form to your website to accept gifts by electronic funds transfer, debit or credit card.
  • Simple, safe and secure.
  • No setup or maintenance fees.

Many Americans find that the only check they write is their offering to the church. Those in younger generations may not even use a checkbook – preferring to handle all of their contributions and bills electronically. When your church passes the offering plate on Sunday morning – are you limiting your offering to pocket change from those who feel obligated to put something in, but would give more with an online option?


Online Options to Simplify Giving

Through the Foundation’s Online Giving Program, your church can now accept secure online donations. You can add the donation form to your website to accept gifts by debit or credit card, and electronic funds transfer. Your members can even set up recurring gifts, adding predictability and regularity to your offering receipts.

No need to negotiate with credit card vendors, merchant services, banks or any other company. The Presbyterian Foundation will take care of processing all online gifts, validating and reconciling transactions for you. Online fund management tools allow you to:

  • Monitor donations and fund balances
  • Receive disbursements from money raised monthly
  • Thank donors and tell about the impact of their donations
  • Produce giving reports
If you are in need of technical assistance with setting up or maintaining your account, contact Online Services at (844) 299-4011.