Online Giving Program FAQs

Online Giving Program

Who can join the Foundation’s online giving program?

The Foundation’s Online Giving Program serves Presbyterian Church (USA) congregations & programs, as well as PC(USA)-related ministry and mission organizations. Click here for more info on being a “related” organization.

How can my church or organization join?

Download and read our program guide, and submit your application.

How much does it cost?

There are no setup fees or monthly fees, so getting started is free! There is a 2% administrative fee for all gifts received; this fee is for the reasonable and customary costs of operation and is to help ensure the continued viability of the program and its services.

Is there a minimum balance?

No minimum balance is required.

How do the funds get to our organization?

After the close of each month, the balance of your funds will be sent to your organization via direct deposit. Should you need to withdraw money between the scheduled monthly donations, please email Please note that there is a $100 minimum per fund for intra-month withdrawal requests.

Can we have more than one fund online?

Yes! Many of our partners establish a “General Fund” alongside other funds for things such as a building campaign or youth ministry. While there is no limit on the number of funds you may open, we do encourage you to consider the number of funds from which your donors will have to choose. Too many options can be overwhelming to your supporters.

Will donors receive a confirmation of their gift for tax purposes?

Yes, per IRS requirements, donors will receive a gift acknowledgment from the Presbyterian Foundation via emailed statement before tax time. Donors should retain this documentation for tax reporting purposes.

How will we know when our organization has received gifts?

The individuals you authorize as Fund Administrators will receive email notifications when gifts are received for your organization. Fund Administrators may also log into the administrative portal to view donor and gift information.

Is donor information safe and kept private?

Yes, our systems follow Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards, and donor information is never shared with anyone except the church or ministry receiving their gifts. More information is available in the Presbyterian Foundation's Privacy Policy.

Does your system integrate with my church’s accounting software?

Yes, donor and gift information can be exported by Fund Administrators from the administrative portal, which can then be uploaded to your software. [Please note: When including these gifts in your financial software, please include a disclaimer that they were made through the Presbyterian Foundation and have already been acknowledged for tax reporting purposes. While thank you notes to donors are acceptable and encouraged, no further gift acknowledgement should be provided.]

How do we open a new fund or close an existing fund?

Authorized Fund Administrators may fill out this form or submit requests to open and/or close funds to

How do we remove a Fund Administrator’s access and/or authorize someone new?

Authorized Fund Administrators may fill out this form or submit requests to change administrative access to

Do these funds earn interest?

Yes, between the scheduled monthly disbursements, the balance of your fund is invested in an interest-bearing money market vehicle.

If a donor checks the box on the donation form to help offset the cost of the transaction fee, do they get tax credit for the extra amount?

Yes, the full amount paid by the donor is tax deductible.

Is my administrator login different from my donor login?

Yes, administrator and donor logins are separate. To log in to the administrative portal, please visit, and click on My Account Login. Under Online Giving, select Vanco Admin Sign In, and enter your username provided to you by Vanco. To log in as a donor, please visit your organization's donation form.

As an administrator, can I turn off the emails that notify me when someone submits a gift online?

Yes, gift notification emails can be turned off. Please email your request to

Can I see the fees in the Vanco portal?

All fees are charged to your account by the Presbyterian Foundation after gift money is received from Vanco. Since the 2% administrative fees are charged by the Foundation not by Vanco, they will not be present in Vanco's reports. To view transactions, fees, interest earned, and disbursement history, fund administrators should log in to InnoVue with their provided login credentials.