Investment Services

Proven Investment Solutions

Investing the assets of your church or ministry calls for trusted partners who will understand your goals and objectives, and who will manage your funds in a manner consistent with your faith. The Presbyterian Foundation has been a trusted partner for thousands of congregations, and church-related institutions for more than two centuries.

  • By working with the Foundation and its subsidiary, New Covenant Trust Company, you gain the services of experienced and professional investment and financial advisors who know the church and share your faith and access to world-class investment managers.
  • Available options range from mutual funds to managed portfolios to permanent endowments.
  • Investments are managed in accordance with Presbyterian values.

If you are looking for:

  • Endowment funds that provide mission funds for all time,
  • World-class money managers watching over your investments,
  • Church-held investments with choices in investment strategies,
  • Customized investment portfolios with professionals you can trust,
  • A trusted investment partner with over 200 years of faithful stewardship,
  • Guidance from fellow Christians who understand Presbyterian theology and polity,
  • Socially responsible investment principles and approaches.
The Presbyterian Foundation and its subsidiary, New Covenant Trust Company can connect you to all of these. You can be assured that your assets are invested in a socially responsible manner consistent with Presbyterian values — or a customized approach to match your particular concerns.