Endowments give on in perpetuity

Endowments provide income forever for your church or a ministry you want to support.

  • Endowments are permanent funds established from irrevocable gifts.
  • The Foundation’s oldest endowment was established in 1821 and still provides funds today.
  • Endowments need no more maintenance or work from donors once they are established.

Establish an endowment fund to make an expression of your faith that will provide a perpetual stream of support for your congregation or chosen ministry today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Elias Boudinot created the Foundation's first endowment in 1821 – and it still provides funds for ministry! Today, the Presbyterian Foundation manages more than 7,000 endowment funds for the benefit of congregations and Presbyterian-related ministries such as seminaries, children’s homes, camps and conference centers and foreign mission projects.

Donors create a permanent endowment fund through an irrevocable gift of $25,000 or more to the Foundation. The Foundation holds and professionally manages the fund and pays income from the fund in perpetuity to the church or ministry you select as the endowment’s beneficiary. After creating an endowment, the donor doesn’t have any more work to do. Donors have peace of mind, knowing that the ministry, congregation or mission they’ve chosen will always receive a gift from them.