Capital Campaigns

Resources for Capital Campaigns

Capital Campaigns are an essential part of the church-funding mix. They provide for new and expanded facilities, growing endowments, paying down debt, and launching new mission efforts. The Foundation and its partners offers resources to help make your next capital campaign a success.


If you are looking at this webpage, you are probably anticipating a building campaign. That means your church or organization is growing, thinking positively about mission and seeing results in your ministry. We at the Foundation are excited to share in this endeavor and to provide resources that can bring your dreams to fruition.

Worship and ministry space is so much more than the buildings that house it. We remember significant events in our lives by location. Wedding pictures, baptism gowns, thoughts of loved ones who are gone all bring to mind the place where these life events took place. Our hearts are warm toward those places we call home. Adequate space and facilities give us an opportunity to invite and welcome people home. In these spaces we experience the grace of God and spirit of family and community. Your campaign needs to have this feel.

Your Ministry Relations Officer has experience working with other churches and has access to all the people and resources of the Foundation to assist you. We are always ready to help! We are eager to brainstorm, strategize, support and meet with you and your team to carry out God’s will for your church.

Look through these resources found in the toolbox and bring your list of questions to your MRO, whom you can find here.