Annual Stewardship & Generosity

Build a Culture of Generosity through Year-Round Stewardship Efforts

In today’s ever-evolving culture, it is important for churches to develop creative and comprehensive annual stewardship programs.

Successful stewardship programs are generally not one time, fall events but rather ongoing, year-round initiatives that keep members challenged and engaged. For these programs to be most effective, they must be able to reach across all generations and utilize a variety of communication approaches.

For instance, a traditional approach of writing an annual campaign letter to the congregation’s membership may have worked well in the past, but may not generate the same type of membership response today for many congregations. Technology advancements, communication preferences, and motivations for giving differences are just a few of the factors that require us now to develop a much more multifaceted approach. While the stewardship program may still include an annual letter, it will likely include many other components as well.

For more assistance in moving your congregation’s stewardship program forward, please contact the Ministry Relations Officer in your region. We’re eager to help.