Who are our future ministers? A Pentecost roundup of seminary commencements

June 7, 2017 by Lee Hinson-Hasty

Acts chapter two describes the day of Pentecost as a multicultural and multilingual gathering being filled by a fierce wind of the Holy Spirit. Many mark Pentecost as the birthday of the Church and don red paraments and clothing to celebrate.

Red (scarlet red to be exact) is also the academic hood color theology and divinity students receive at commencement services at our seminaries annually in May and June.

For me, it’s a reminder that God is beginning something new, reforming even our Reformed congregations this year and every year as we are led by the Spirit and those we are calling into new ministries even as I write. Our seminaries prepare them and stand by them as mentors and mentoring communities as they help us imagine God’s multicultural, multilingual, and multigenerational Church. I pray and believe then and now what Acts 2:47b describes is happening, God will add daily to the Christian community.

May it be.

Many of the seminaries have posted stories, videos and photos from commencement on their own web sites. We’ve collected them all here for you to peruse. As you see these faces, know that you are seeing the future of the church, and what a vibrant church it will be!

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary’s graduation was held on May 21. You can see galleries of photos from graduation here: http://www.austinseminary.edu/cf_media/index.cfm?g=605

Columbia Theological Seminary, Decatur, Ga., held commencement on May 21. You can view http://www.ctsnet.edu/graduation-awards-class-of-2017/

Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary held graduation on May 14. You can watch Stated Clerk Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson give the commencement address here:

McCormick Theological Seminary, Chicago, held commencement on May 13. The seminary posted two videos and a gallery of photos from graduation online, which you can view at the links below.

  • Video 1:

  • Video 2:

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary held graduation on June 2. You can see photo galleries and a list of graduates at the following link. An archived copy of the video from commencement will also be available soon. http://www.pts.edu/Graduation_2017

Princeton Theological Seminary held graduation on May 20. President Craig Barnes gave an address, which you can hear on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/princeton-seminary/2017-commencement-address-president-craig-barnes

The seminary also posted a gallery of photos, which you can view here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/princeton_theological_seminary/sets/72157681099884723

San Francisco Theological Seminary held graduation on May 20. The seminary posted a photo gallery here: http://sfts.edu/2017-commencement/

Seminario Evangélico de Puerto Rico is holding commencement on June 10. You can find more information about it here: http://www.se-pr.edu/graduacion-2017/

Union Presbyterian Seminary holds two graduations, one at the Richmond, Va., campus and the second at the Charlotte, N.C., campus. The Richmond commencement was held on June 3, and Charlotte is set for June 17.
Photos from Richmond: https://flic.kr/s/aHsm1Ypkiy
Video from Richmond:

University of Dubuque Theological Seminary held graduation on May 13. You can watch a video of graduation here:

Photo by Duane Berger and used with this post courtesy of Union Presbyterian Seminary