Webinar Series: Money Conversations in the Church

January 7, 2019 by Susan Herman

The Presbyterian Foundation is offering a series of five webinars in 2019 on engaging church givers in stewardship and money-related conversations. Pastors, business administrators, stewardship chairs, treasurers, session clerks, and others involved in the financial life of the church are invited to register. The workshops are free. You can sign up for the whole series, or just topics that interest you the most.

Rob Hagan and Karl Mattison will present the webinars. Rob is a Ministry Relations Officer for the Presbyterian Foundation. Karl serves the Foundation as Vice President of Planned Giving. Rob and Karl have teamed up many times to educate church leaders on financial topics. They are excited to offer webinar participants tools for building generous, vital communities of faithful givers who want their resources to change people’s lives for Jesus Christ.

Topics in the webinar series are:

You may click on the links above to register for the webinars. You will receive an email three days before each webinar goes live. The webinars will begin at 10:00am Pacific Time/ 1:00pm Eastern Time. Each session lasts one hour. Sessions will be recorded, so you can view them later or even share them in your own church.

Translating numbers into stories

In Sessions 1 and 2, you’ll learn how tools such as a narrative budget and stewardship calendar help you reach all four types of givers: gifted givers, thoughtful givers, casual givers, and reluctant givers. Many church members need someone to translate the annual budget into stories about the work of the church that the budget makes possible. To reach members who know why they are giving, but want more accessible methods, these sessions will also cover online giving tools, email campaigns, and text donations.

Session 3 will focus on setting up an endowment. This is important from a pastoral care perspective, as endowments offer members an avenue to share their faith with their loved ones after they die. Endowing one’s pledge also addresses the problem of having a small number of members whose giving accounts for a large percentage of your budget.

Sessions 4 and 5 will challenge you to tell about the impact of your ministry through methods that can increase year-end giving. They will also address how the church can compete with all of the end of the year asks by other worthwhile charities, and will reflect changes in the tax code that impact all types of giving.

Money as a spiritual discipline

Money conversations can be a challenge. However, knowing who gives money to the church and how much is important – not only because it allows leaders to manage resources effectively, but also because it allows for relationship building. Changes in giving can be a helpful indicator of spiritual needs in the congregation.

Pastors, ruling elders, trustees, and financial staff all have a role to play in annual stewardship and sharing the vision of the church so that members are continually inspired to give. Sign up for the webinar series and learn how you can nurture these vital conversations in your church.

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