Tools for Pastors

Financial Resources for Pastors

Most pastors acknowledge that they didn’t learn much about stewardship and church finances in seminary. The Foundation is a ready resource to help fill the gap.

The vision of the Presbyterian Foundation is “to bring people and mission together.”  For more than 200 years, this vision has been the rudder for an organization whose main purpose is to enhance, deepen and strengthen the ministry of the local church through creating a culture of generosity.  Leading congregations into revolutionary thinking about giving and daily becoming the heart and hands of Jesus Christ can be exhilarating.  Yet I also know the ministry can be a challenge in regards to calling people to a deeper committee to live generously in every way.

This collection of resources for Pastors is provided by the Foundation to let pastors know they are not alone in this endeavor. The Foundation cares deeply for you as a pastor with all the complexity the ministry can bring. The ministry can be both overwhelmingly joyful and deeply challenging as we follow Christ’s call in our lives. Please know from one pastor to another, these tools represent the Foundation’s willingness and attentiveness to reach out and to encourage you as you lead the church.  Our hope and prayer is these tools will be of value as you do the important work of ministry.