Why Support Your Local Church?

by Rev. David Wright

Editor's note: This piece was reprinted with permission from The Broadcaster, Westminster Presbyterian Church's newsletter. The church is located in Westminster, Colorado. Our thanks to the author for allowing us to repost it.  As our church heads into the fall...

December lectionary preview: Advent

by Greg Allen-Pickett

It is late November. You have made it through stewardship season. The pledge cards have come in. The budget is set for the following year. You breathe a sigh of relief and are grateful that you don’t have to talk...

The Steward In Us All

by Lisa Longo

The best definition I have heard of stewardship is: “Stewardship is everything I do after I say I believe.” — Douglas John Hall, theologian We spend all our time being stewards! Stewardship involves everything I do, say, eat – everything....

Drafting a winning stewardship and generosity team

by Gregg Brekke

Olanda Carr, Jr., Ministry Relations Officer for the Presbyterian Foundation, presented the workshop “Drafting a winning stewardship and generosity team” at the Stewardship Kaleidoscope conference Sept. 26 in St. Louis. Calling on the metaphor of a winning football team –...

What keeps you from following Christ?

by Larissa Kwong Abazia

Editor’s note: Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia was the Closing Worship leader at Stewardship Kaleidoscope 2018 in St. Louis. She preached the sermon below during closing worship. The sermon below is her original material and should only be used or reprinted...

Planned Giving: 25 Ideas to Get You to the Next Level

by Pam Greer-Ullrich

Karl Mattison, vice president of Planned Giving Resources at the Presbyterian Foundation, brought a long list of engaging ideas to a workshop at Stewardship Kaleidoscope that challenged congregation members to consider their legacy. “I admit to having a little bit...

Building a culture of generosity

by Robyn Davis Sekula

“Stewardship is about the joyous discipline of giving thanks,” says Robert Hay Jr. of the Presbyterian Foundation. Comparing joyous discipline with a “runner’s high” where the mind body and spirit start clicking after months or even years of disciplined training,...

Creating liturgy around stewardship

by Robyn Davis Sekula

When it’s time for stewardship season, we often talk about stewardship in select parts of the service, says the Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia, a workshop presenter and worship leader at this year’s Stewardship Kaleidoscope in St. Louis. But we don’t...

Planned giving basics for church members

by Robyn Davis Sekula

In 2017, Americans left $35.7 billion to nonprofits in their estates. Churches can be beneficiaries of this generosity – but it takes a good plan and a strong message to spur those gifts, says Karl Mattison, Vice President of Planned...

Let your budget speak your vision

by Robyn Davis Sekula

Who are you? Where are you going? What do you have to declare? Those are three questions you’re asked when you enter the U.S., and they’re also good questions for churches to answer as they determine their core values and...