When Enough is Enough

by David Loleng

Rev. David Loleng, Director of Financial Literacy and Leadership wrote When Enough is Enough for the Luther Seminary Center for Stewardship Leaders. No greater theme has led stewardship talk in the past generation than that of “abundance vs. scarcity.” In...

This Month in Stewardship: March

by Robyn Davis Sekula

Several times a year, my children receive hand-written notes in the mail from the associate pastor at our church, Rev. Doodle Harris. She writes them to thank them every time they volunteer for an activity at our church. And she...

Saying thank you is a key part of stewardship

by Robert Hay

One of the practices that my wife Morgan and I began with our children at a very young age was making sure they wrote thank you notes for presents they receive on their birthdays and at Christmas. Placing thank you...

Money, the Mind, & Ministry seminar offered by SFTS

by Gregg Brekke

Stewardship is not something we have to do, says Maggie Harmon, Ministry Relations Officer for the Presbyterian Foundation. It’s something we get to do. Exploring the psychology of giving, stewardship and generosity can give pastors, church leaders, and non-profit executives...

Stewardship Navigator

by Melaina Wilson

In today’s ever-evolving culture, it is important for churches to develop creative and comprehensive annual stewardship programs. Successful stewardship programs are generally not one time, fall events but rather ongoing, year-round initiatives that keep members challenged and engaged. For these...

Resolving to Be Different

by Olanda Carr

It’s that time again. In what seems like the ‘twinkling of an eye,’ another year has gone, a new year has begun. Memories of 2018 have quickly been replaced with aspirations for 2019. For many of us, that means creating...

February 2019 Stewardship Lectionary Preview

by Christine Chakoian

Rarely do we think of February as Stewardship season – yet oddly, it is ideal to encourage generosity. The three Sundays prior to the Transfiguration provide a glimpse of the transformation Christ desires for us all. Luke 5:1-11 (Feb. 10):...

God’s generous gift

by Rob Hagan

Above the main entrance to the University of Queensland in Australia, these words are engraved in stone: “Great is truth and mighty above all things.” That’s something you might guess would be on the door threshold of a University. [caption...

This month in Stewardship: December

by Robyn Davis Sekula

For many congregations, pledge Sunday is in November, which means by now, you probably have a good idea of where you stand in terms of pledges. That means it’s time to do something a lot of people dread but is...

January 2019 Stewardship Lectionary Preview

by Larissa Kwong Abazia

January is often a month of recovery from the preceding seasons of Advent and Christmas and the calm before the upcoming seasons of Lent and Easter. Many churches find themselves with settled budgets for the new year and rarely bear...