Resolving to Be Different

by Olanda Carr

It’s that time again. In what seems like the ‘twinkling of an eye,’ another year has gone, a new year has begun. Memories of 2018 have quickly been replaced with aspirations for 2019. For many of us, that means creating...

From generation to generation

by Presbyterian Foundation

Blog by the Rev. Jon Reinink, Church Support Associate, Special Offerings, the Presbyterian Mission Agency The Presbyterian Giving Catalog can help teach children about generosity As Presbyterians, we are bound together. We are not bound together by culture, but rather...

The Steward In Us All

by Lisa Longo

The best definition I have heard of stewardship is: “Stewardship is everything I do after I say I believe.” — Douglas John Hall, theologian We spend all our time being stewards! Stewardship involves everything I do, say, eat – everything....

Stewardship Kaleidoscope: summaries of sessions

by Robyn Davis Sekula

Last week, we served as a major sponsor at Stewardship Kaleidoscope. Our Ministry Relations Officers and other Foundation staff led sessions on a variety of topics, all related to stewardship, generosity and giving. We wrote stories about many of these...

Donor leaves more than $1 million for college scholarships

by Eva Stimson

A Florida woman who was a lifelong Presbyterian, a savvy investor, and a pioneer for women in the Chicago banking industry, has left a bequest of more than $1 million to the Presbyterian Foundation. The money is being used to...

Ten Great Hymns about Stewardship

by David Gambrell

By David Gambrell Editor’s note: Many churches have a fall emphasis stewardship calendar, calling for a Pledge Sunday in October or November. Worship services commonly have a stewardship and/or generosity theme. We asked David Gambrell, Associate for Worship in the...

This month in Stewardship: September

by Robyn Davis Sekula

September is typically when many church stewardship committees gear up for pledge Sunday. By now, you should have a theme selected, your budget close to finalized and your committee should be meeting on a regular basis. Additionally, you should be...

September lectionary preview: the Book of James

by Presbyterian Foundation

By Rev. Greg Allen-Pickett, Pastor First Presbyterian Church, Hastings, Nebraska The book of James is full of great material to reflect on stewardship, and it is conveniently placed in the lectionary this year during the month of September. While stewardship...

This month in Stewardship: August

by Robyn Davis Sekula

In June’s column, we touched on selecting a theme and other activities that need to be completed ahead of the stewardship campaign for your church. This month, we’re expanding on one part of that post: capturing and telling stories of...

Keeping a Generosity Initiative Alive Long-Term

by Presbyterian Foundation

Rev. David Loleng, Director of Church Financial Literacy and Leadership at the Presbyterian Foundation shares an article from Chris Willard and Warren Bird on ways to keep congregations engaged long-term through a generosity initiative or capital campaign. Read the story...