Shonita Bossier named Vice President of Operations

November 10, 2020 by Robyn Davis Sekula

Shonita Bossier was recently named Vice President of Operations at the Presbyterian Foundation, replacing Vanessa Elkin, who retired.

Bossier joined the Presbyterian Foundation in July 2018 as a Trust Officer with New Covenant Trust Company, a subsidiary of the Foundation. She has more than 20 years of experience in securities, and trust administration and operations.

“Shonita is an outstanding leader in her field who brings terrific experience and knowledge to the Foundation,” says Tom Taylor, President and CEO of the Presbyterian Foundation. “She came into this position in the midst of a pandemic and extraordinarily busy time and didn’t miss a beat. We’re so grateful for her guidance and strong leadership skills.”

Bossier is responsible for management of the Operations department with oversight of 20 staff members that handle processing and administration of gifts and trust accounts and the records reflecting operational transactions on all accounts for the Presbyterian Foundation and New Covenant Trust Company. She leads staff activities to ensure timely and accurate financial record keeping, information systems tracking, tax reporting, delivery of account statements, as well as the procurement, and investment of funds in the manner designated by clients and operating procedures for gift transactions.

Bossier says she was attracted to working for the Foundation because it was an opportunity to marry her faith with her skills and work that she loves. “Those two don’t typically go hand in hand, but they do here at the Foundation,” Bossier says. “Because of that, it fosters a culture here that is like no other.”

Bossier enjoys employing her extensive experience in the financial industry to support mission and ministry in the world. “The work that we do here is so interesting,” Bossier says. “We do everything that large financial institutions do, but our work and fiduciary responsibility supports mission work around the world. What we’re doing is amazing and so impactful.”Prior to joining the Presbyterian Foundation, she served as Director of the Securities Division of the Kentucky Department of Financial Institutions, working for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Bossier was responsible for the examination and registration of securities firms and professionals as well as the registration of securities offerings and investigations of alleged state and federal securities law violations.

Bossier formerly held positions at the Bank of Bermuda, U.S. Bancorp and Fifth Third Bank in international trade settlement operations, global custody operations, and trust administration and operations.

Bossier served as Kentucky’s representative to the North American Securities Administrator Association (“NASAA”), providing the state’s position on a wide range of developments in state securities regulations. She was a former member and Secretary of the NASAA Board of Directors. In 2016, Bossier was elected to serve as a trustee of the Investor Protection Trust (IPT), a national nonprofit devoted to investor education.

Bossier earned a B.S. in Business Administration from the State University of New York College at New Paltz.

Robyn Davis Sekula is Vice President of Communications and Marketing at the Presbyterian Foundation. She is an elder at Highland Presbyterian Church in Louisville, Ky. Send comments on this article to