Resources available for Theological Education Sunday

August 22, 2018 by Lee Hinson-Hasty

Rev. Emily Zeig Lindsey, a colleague, Pennsylvania pastor and friend, summed up the importance of theological education beautifully in a video the Theological Education Fund shared in late 2017.

“There are people waiting in our pews and in our communities, hungry to learn, and be fed, and waiting for a leader to come alongside them and help with that journey,” Lindsey says. “Seminary prepares you to do exactly that, in many ways, and teaches you to be receptive to the lessons you will learn during ministry.”

This year, we celebrate the guidance of these saints and the future pastors of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on Theological Education Sunday, set for Sept. 16, 2018, and we have resources prepared for you to observe this important day in your own congregation.

Resources for Theological Education Sunday

All resources, which can be found on the Presbyterian Foundation web site, are downloadable. You may print them from these PDF files, or share in social media. If you’re using these items in social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, please use the hashtag #GrowTheoEd when posting so we can find your post and thank you for sharing it.

Bulletin inserts this year feature the stories of two PC(USA) educated pastors, Rev. Kaci Clark-Porter and Rev. Dr. Jerry Cannon.

Rev. Kaci Clark-Porter is pastor of First & Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. Kaci notes that her theological education from Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary provided her with important grounding in theology for her ministry.

Rev. Dr. Jerry Cannon is pastor of C.N. Jenkins Memorial Presbyterian Church in Charlotte. Cannon is a widely respected leader and mentor in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), encouraging many who are led to seminary to pursue God’s call to ministry. His work has influenced generations of church leaders.

Liturgy, written by Rev. Beth Merrill Neel, Co-Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Portland, Oregon, includes suggested hymns and scripture readings, as well as ideas for a brief children’s sermon. Suggested scriptures are Genesis 50:15-21; Psalm 103; Matthew 18:21-35 and Romans 14:1-12.

Social media items include downloadable items suitable for posting in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These feature Rev. Kaci Clark-Porter and include a prayer written by me for your use.

Contact us for assistance

As always, we are grateful for the many Presbyterian Churches and individuals who support the Theological Education Fund. If you’d like to talk to me about how your church can get involved, you can reach me at (502) 569-5357 or toll-free at 844.896.2959, or you may e-mail me at Please do remember that the Theological Education Fund is now housed at the Presbyterian Foundation, and your gifts should be sent to us there.