Regeneration Stories

Following are several stories of congregations that have made successful Regeneration transitions:

Project Regeneration: Overview
A two minute introduction to Project Regeneration.
Serving Until Christ Comes Again
This is the story of St. Stephens Presbyterian Church, a faithful congregation that decided to invest the proceeds from the sale of its property in an endowment. This endowment funds the causes they loved, forever. Watch their inspiring story in this video.
Grace Presbyterian Church
Two churches in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, were both seeking new identities. They came together to form a new church, Grace Presbyterian, that is now thriving. Learn their inspiring story through this terrific video created by our team.
Friendship Presbyterian Church
The story of how 2 churches on the outskirts of Chicago have become one and experienced new vitality, vision & financial freedom.
Pilgrimage Presbyterian Church
Tom Taylor shares the story of Pilgrimage Presbyterian Church crafted an enduring legacy with the help of the Presbyterian Foundation's Project Regeneration.
Astoria Presbyterian Church
A congregation in New York City reinvents itself after selling its crumbling building.