Racism in America with Rev. Laura Mariko Cheifetz

April 23, 2021 by Lee Hinson-Hasty

Editor’s note: Every other week, Lee Hinson-Hasty hosts a new episode of the series Leading Theologically via Facebook Live where he has a conversation with a different leader in ministry across the PC(USA). He asks each guest to share a charge and benediction at the conclusion of the conversation. We’ve transcribed each charge and benediction on the blog to inspire you in your ministry and your life.

Everything is terrible, like all the time. But everything is wonderful most of the time, too. And so always keep that sense of the wonder and be fueled by the understanding that too many people are robbed of that wonder. And that’s our work – to make it possible for everyone to experience the wonderful that God has put into this world and to participate in that. So even if you need to take a break – hydrate, rest – gotta get back up, go back out there, do the work.

Provided by Rev. Laura Mariko Cheifetz

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