Nontraditional Assets

You may have valuable artwork, a share of a business or even real estate that you no longer need and would like to donate to a good cause. Giving these assets through the Presbyterian Foundation may save you both the hassle of liquidation as well as the tax bill for any appreciation in value.

  • The Foundation can accept most any type of asset.
  • Maximize your gift while potentially reducing hassle and expense.

The Presbyterian Foundation can receive, manage and liquidate various types of assets for you or your chosen beneficiary. You have several choices for the proceeds, including direct gifts or permanent endowment funds. Another popular option is to open a Donor-Advised Fund which provides the greatest flexibility for you to recommend grants to your favorite mission or ministries.

Innovative gifts using nontraditional assets usually provide you with a far greater tax deduction than if you were to sell the asset yourself and then donate the proceeds to charity. You can plan a gift during your lifetime or make plans for after your death.

The Foundation can accept most any type of asset, including:

  • Real Estate, including, land, personal residence or vacation homes, farms or other properties.
  • Business interests, including ownership in closely-held businesses, Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, or Sub-chapter S corporations.
  • Restricted securities, including publicly traded securities that may have sale restrictions.
  • Life insurance policies, including term, whole, universal or variable policies.
  • Personal property, including royalties, copyrights, artwork or precious metals.