Shifting stewardship mindset: a pastor’s story

by Susan Herman

Rev. David Duquette had long held a negative perception of stewardship, namely, that it went hand in hand with guilt and shame. Part of the lore in the church where he currently serves — Pennside Presbyterian Church in Reading, Pa.,...

Learning Theology from my Mother

by Mark Power

I was always proud to be a preacher’s kid. Growing up in Arkansas and Texas, it surprised many people when I told them my mother was the preacher, not my father. These types of exchanges certainly came with many puzzled...

Discover Armenia Tour

by Presbyterian Foundation

You’re invited to join the Jinishian Memorial Program to on a journey of outreach and culture to this hidden gem nestled in the Caucasus highlands. Connect with Armenia’s people and see faith in action. Participants enjoy warm hospitality, worship and...

Holistic practices guide pastors through Holy Week

by Robyn Davis Sekula

The first year that Rev. Stephanie Ryder served as a pastor, the church’s administrative assistant quit, with her last day being the Wednesday of Holy Week. Serving as a solo pastor, it put the church’s administrative tasks on Ryder, on...

Presbyterian Witness at the U.S. Border in El Paso

by Sherry Hester Kenney

El Paso is located at the far western point of Texas in the Chihuahuan Desert, separated from Juarez, Mexico by the Rio Grande River. The Franklin Mountains - the southern tip of the Rockies – divide the city. El Paso is home...

Stewardship Navigator available for Presbyterian churches

by Sally Scherer

The work involved with creating and implementing your Presbyterian church’s stewardship program just got a whole lot easier. Stewardship Navigator, an educational website launched this month by the Presbyterian Foundation, is a free online tool for Presbyterian congregations. You can...

Foundation mourns losses of Robina Winbush and Mike Miller

by Tom Taylor

By Tom Taylor, President and CEO Presbyterian Foundation The Presbyterian Foundation leadership and staff express our sincere sympathies to the families and loved ones of Rev. Robina Winbush and Mike Miller, both of whom held vital roles in the Presbyterian Church...

Stewardship calls for a modern view of tithing

by Robyn Davis Sekula

About five years ago, Adam J. Copeland met with a husband and wife who were co-pastoring a church. The couple tithed their income to the congregation and had no extra income to give to other charities and causes that they...

Presbyterian Foundation hires Vice President of Communications and Marketing

by Presbyterian Foundation

Robyn Davis Sekula joined the Presbyterian Foundation as Vice President of Communications and Marketing. She began work on January 28. In her position at the Foundation, she leads the communications and marketing staff, guiding strategy for communications with the 1.7...

Money, the Mind, & Ministry seminar offered by SFTS

by Gregg Brekke

Stewardship is not something we have to do, says Maggie Harmon, Ministry Relations Officer for the Presbyterian Foundation. It’s something we get to do. Exploring the psychology of giving, stewardship and generosity can give pastors, church leaders, and non-profit executives...