Tres Rios Border Foundation connects Presbyterians to the border and beyond

by Erin Dunigan

The headquarters for the Tres Rios Presbytery Border Ministry Foundation is located in El Paso, Texas — about 50 feet, through an imposing iron ‘fence’ — from Juarez, Mexico. [caption id="attachment_6938" align="alignleft" width="124"] Rev. Dr. John Nelsen[/caption] Created as a...

The associate director of the Louisville Institute is the guest on ‘Leading Theologically’

by Mike Ferguson

The Rev. Dr. Aimee Moiso, associate director of the Louisville Institute, clearly derives great joy just by showing up for work each morning. [caption id="attachment_229397" align="alignright" width="314"] The Rev. Dr. Aimee Moiso[/caption] “Our main mission is giving grants and fellowships...

First Presbyterian of Roseburg, Oregon, helps connect its community

by Nancy Crowe

In a town known for timber, a Presbyterian congregation continually finds ways to grow in service and stewardship. First Presbyterian Church in Roseburg, Oregon, has its hands as well as its historic building in direct efforts to meet the community’s...

University of Pikeville addresses addiction issues with help from the Presbyterian Foundation

by Robyn Davis Sekula

Addiction issues have been challenging rural America for years, notes Burton Webb, President of the University of Pikeville. [caption id="attachment_14485" align="alignright" width="200"] Burton J. Webb, Ph.D.[/caption] Now, as a person with deep family ties to eastern Kentucky, he's in the...

Doing well while doing good with investments

by Nancy Crowe

Editor’s note: You can find a recording of the webinar, powerpoints, and other resources on our website here. “You have a ministry with your investments,” Greg Rousos, president and CEO of the New Covenant Trust Company, told participants in a...

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary president explores courage and curiosity during the Presbyterian Foundation’s ‘Leading Theologically’

by Mike Ferguson

Deep into a conversation on courage and curiosity with the Rev. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty of the Presbyterian Foundation during Wednesday’s edition of “Leading Theologically,” the Rev. Dr. Asa J. Lee, president of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, noted this truth about the...

President of the PC(USA)’s Board of Pensions talks about recent efforts to break down barriers to flourishing ministry

by Mike Ferguson

[caption id="attachment_179382" align="alignright" width="215"] The Rev. Dr. Frank Clark Spencer[/caption] A shared ministry pilot project involving both the Board of Pensions and Pittsburgh Presbytery was among the cutting-edge items of discussion Wednesday when the Rev. Dr. Frank Clark Spencer, President...

‘Leading Theologically,’ a PC(USA) broadcast, explores the joys of serving a pastoral residency

by Mike Ferguson

Pastoral residencies — post-seminary experiences designed to enhance and broaden ministry capabilities of fledgling pastors — received a fond gaze back last week from some of the people who best know the programs, which are scattered around the country. On...

Understand your risk tolerance before investing

by Nancy Crowe

To make your own or your church’s financial resources work for you, first understand the why, what and when of any potential investment, said Anita Clemons, Senior Vice President of Investment Management for the Presbyterian Foundation. [caption id="attachment_6803" align="alignright" width="124"]...

Make Year-End Gifts Now

by Erin Dunigan

Did you know that more charitable giving happens in December than in any other time of the year? Over one-third of all charitable giving is done in the last quarter of the year. The majority of that giving happens in...