Make a Contribution

Start with the Donation form at the bottom. Use this form for gift instructions when making a cash, wire or securities gift intended for immediate distribution to a charitable beneficiary or to add to an established fund at the Presbyterian Foundation.

To establish a NEW endowment fund, or a donor-advised fund, use the appropriate agreement forms for your desired fund.

Checks:  Complete the Donation Form, make checks payable to Presbyterian Foundation, and mail form and check to: Presbyterian Foundation, 200 East Twelfth Street, Jeffersonville, IN 47130.  If making a contribution to an existing account, please indicate the Account/Fund Number on your check.

Credit Card online:  Contribute to an existing endowment fund.

Wire or Electronic Transfer: Contact the Presbyterian Foundation Client Services Department at 800-858-6127 to transfer funds by wire or ACH.

Publicly Traded Securities NOTE: The Presbyterian Foundation has moved custodian services to US Bank. Transfer your gift of securities using the transfer instructions provided in the Sample Letter of Authorization.  Forward the completed Donation Form, found below, and a copy of the Letter of Authorization to: or by fax to 502-805-0466 prior to transferring securities. Deliver the original Letter of Authorization to your broker and request delivering broker include donor(s) name on custody transaction form. For assistance, call Client Services at 800-858-6127 ext. 3041 or Regina Kimbrough, ext. 5919.

Mutual Funds or Bonds: For questions about transferring Mutual Funds or Bonds, please call 800-858-6127, ext. 5919.

Assets titled to a Revocable Trust: For gift assets titled to a Revocable Trust, please complete a Trust Revocation Form. This applies to any type of asset.

Nontraditional Assets:  Contact the Presbyterian Foundation at 800-858-6127, Ext. 5957 for nontraditional assets such as:

  • Restricted or privately held stock certificate(s)
  • Closely-held business interests
  • Retirement plan interests; personal property
  • Real estate
  • Other