Lent devotionals to guide your walk

March 3, 2017 by Lee Hinson-Hasty

Our seminaries are rich with resources for your faith walk. The season of Lent is now upon us, and several seminaries and other Presbyterian publications and ministries have prepared devotionals, resources and other items that you can download and use at home, in your church or study group. We’ve compiled all we could find into one list that may assist you with your preparations for the season of Lent. We will add to it if we discover more, and invite you to comment and add your own as well.
Join us in preparing our hearts and minds for the risen Savior.

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Travel with Austin Seminary through the 40 days preceding Easter with scripture, message, and journaling prompts from members of the Austin Seminary faculty.

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
Pittsburgh has a host of resources to help guide your way during Lent. You can find those here. Resources include a daily devotional, available in printed form, online, in a smart phone app and social media. You can find an e-book of Lent reflections, a video “What is Lent?”, another video with lesson plan, music, and a Power Point.
Pittsburgh is also providing videos through Facebook live each Wednesday morning during Lent. You can find Pittsburgh seminary’s Facebook page here.

Princeton Theological Seminary
Check out Princeton’s app, online devotionals and other resources.

San Francisco Theological Seminary
San Francisco seminary’s Lenten devotionals can be e-mailed to your inbox each day. All devotionals are written by members of the seminary community, including staff, students and faculty. Find those here.

Union Presbyterian Seminary, Richmond and Charlotte
A downloadable Lenten devotional, with daily reflections written by students, is available here.

Beyond seminaries, here are a few more resources to accompany your walk through Lent from Presbyterian publications and organizations.

Lenten Reflections on the Confession of Belhar can be purchased from the PC(USA) Store here.
Presbyterians Today offers a Lent devotional called Meeting Jesus.
Ministries with Youth, part of the Presbyterian Mission Agency, has new materials for guiding youth through Lent. You can find that here.

The Lent 2017 daily reflection-action calendar, “Tread Lightly for Lent,” is now available. The calendar was created by the Presbyterian Hunger Program’s Environmental Ministries and Enough for Everyone offices. You can find that here.

Nina Simone, an intern at The Outlook and student at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, Va., did a terrific piece that points to even more resources for Lent. You can find that here.