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Forman Christian College

There is an enduring Presbyterian educational institution in Pakistan that’s making a huge difference: Forman Christian College. We want to introduce you to Forman and the incredible educational legacy that this institution is offering in Lahore, Pakistan, through two new videos filmed in 2019. Watch videos.

Sharing Christ in Seattle: Union Church

Union Church in Seattle is a beautiful community of Presbyterians sharing the love of Christ in Seattle in unusual ways. The church hosts a coffee shop, cafe and event space during the week, and worship on Sundays. This creative venture is supported by the Seattle Presbytery, University Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Foundation. Watch the video to see how the church carries out its mission. Watch video.

Serving Until Christ Comes Again

This is the story of St. Stephens Presbyterian Church, a faithful congregation that decided to invest the proceeds from the sale of its property in an endowment. This endowment funds the causes they loved, forever. Watch now.

Recent News Stories:

Reese’s Pieces of Wisdom

At age 97 and with 71 years of ministry under his belt, the Rev. Dr. Jim Reese had a story or two to tell the Rev. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty during a Facebook Live event hosted last week by the Presbyterian Foundation and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Reese’s seminary alma mater (Class of 1949). Read more.

Craig Howard joins the Foundation as Ministry Relations Officer

Howard joined the Presbyterian Foundation in February as the Ministry Relations Officer serving the Central Region, which includes Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky. He lives in St. Louis. Read now.

Presbyterian University of East Africa gains charter in Kenya

Things have changed dramatically for the Presbyterian University of East Africa in the past three years — despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more.

Juneteenth becomes holy day of remembrance for Presbyterian Foundation

Starting this year, Juneteenth is an official holy day of remembrance for Presbyterian Foundation employees. Read now.

Kyle Nolan ordained into service as Ministry Relations Officer for Presbyterian Foundation

Rev. Kyle Nolan is the Presbyterian Foundation’s newest Ministry Relations Officer serving the Upper Midwest Region, which includes North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Read more.

Foundation steps up to meet need for online giving

In a typical month, the Presbyterian Foundation’s online services team receives 12 to 15 online giving applications. But there’s been absolutely nothing typical about 2020. Read now.

New resource provides help with understanding church finances

If terms like “principles of financial reporting,” “narrative budgets” and “e-giving” leave your head spinning – or at least a little foggy – you are not alone. Read more.

Anita Clemons elected to Oikocredit Members Council

Anita Clemons was elected to the Members Council of Oikocredit at the Annual General Meeting. Read more.

Living into the family name

The Rev. Dr. Edwin Aponte said his work involves living into his family name, which is Spanish for “bridge.” Aponte, executive director of the Louisville Institute, was the guest Wednesday on the Facebook Live event. Read more.

Experiencing lament during this time of pandemic

Dr. Nancy C. Lee shared a story about a longtime family friend who recently lost a friend in a nursing home to COVID-19, the virus that has spread across the world and is causing massive illness and death. Read more.

Framing congregational finances without fear

Financial challenges, even routine stewardship campaigns, daunt seminarians and seasoned pastors alike. Read more.

What God’s community looks like

When the Rev. Dr. Rodney S. Sadler Jr. thinks of biblical accounts describing God’s community, the multitude from every nation as described in Rev. 7 springs to his mind, the “diverse panorama of people before the throne of God.” Read more.

A statement from our president, Tom Taylor

Dear friends in Christ, I am writing because it is not appropriate to be silent after the deeply disturbing incidents occurring in recent weeks. Read full statement.

Share your CARES money (if you can)

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, is giving most Americans a stimulus check that the U.S. Treasury says should be directly deposited in many bank accounts today (April 15). Read more.

Stewardship in a Pandemic

COVID-19 is changing the way the world interacts and the church is not immune to those changes. Read more.

Information and Resources for COVID-19

As the COVID-19 Coronavirus spreads, we would like to offer you resources and information that you may find helpful. Read now.

Foundation Board experiences life along the El Paso-Mexico border

The Foundation Board traveled from their meeting in El Paso across the border into Jaurez to see just what life is like for the migrants that pass through that area. Read more.

All ages fight hunger at First Pres in Winchester, VA

Packaging thousands of meals to feed the hungry goes a lot faster when music is playing. Recently First Presbyterian Church in Winchester, VA brought together all members, of all age groups, for a common mission, Rise Against Hunger. Read more.

A reflection of the Board of Trustees trip to Juarez, Mexico

During the February 2020 Board Meeting in El Paso, Texas, the Board of Trustees traveled to Juarez. Read more about the experience here.

Sacred Encounters: March 2020 lectionary preview

“This is a special time for sacred encounters with the Lord who sojourns with us, who forges in our hearts and in our lives a deepening and broadening wellspring of joy through the trials and troubles of life in the real world.” Read more.

Our changing church

Minner Serovy shares with us three ways that the church has changed during her time in ministry – and one thing that hasn’t. Read more.

Joseph Moore joins Foundation as Ministry Relations Officer

Moore is the Presbyterian Foundation’s new Ministry Relations Officer for the South Central Region, replacing Sherry Kenney, who recently retired. His territory includes Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Read more.

Five Lessons I Learned from Churches

What do you learn about churches when you visit 200 of them in six years? A lot! Sherry Kenney, recently retired from the Foundation, shared lessons she learned, including this gem: “I learned that Presbyterian churches come in all shapes and sizes, as do individual Presbyterians, and that authentic worship takes place with different styles and in different settings. Read more.

Jim Reese retires from Foundation role

Rev. Dr. Jim Reese has been a beloved minister in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) for decades and has served wonderfully as a Minister of Specialized Interpretation for the Foundation. Jim is 95, and he is officially retired from his consulting role with us. We are so grateful for his faithful service! Read more.

Cairo Seminary celebrates growth and legacy of education

In the Arab world, the opportunities for Christian theological education are rare, which makes the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC) an extremely important resource for sharing the love of Christ in this region. Read more.