Jarvie Commonweal Fund

The Jarvie Commonweal Fund was established as a New York not-for-profit corporation in 1925 as a vehicle for the charitable giving of Mr. James N. Jarvie (1853-1929).

Mr. Jarvie’s purpose in establishing the Fund was “…to offer relief to the aged (beyond sixty-five) within the Protestant faith, and residing within fifty miles of New York City—persons of culture and education whose comfortable circumstances have been reversed and who in their declining years find themselves without sufficient means of support.” This statement still serves as the basis for eligibility for the Jarvie Individual Service Program.

In 1934, the Jarvie Commonweal Fund entered into an agreement with the Board of National Missions of the Presbyterian Church, donating the Fund’s assets and transferring the responsibility for the service. The Board of National Missions agreed to carry on “in fact and spirit, the Jarvie concept of Old Age Relief.”

The Board of National Mission, through the Presbyterian Foundation, continues to have fiduciary and administrative responsibility for the Jarvie program and funds.

For more information on the Jarvie Commonweal Fund, contact the Presbyterian Foundation at (800) 858-6127.