Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

The Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo is affiliated with the Evangelical Synod of the Nile – the Higher Council of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Egypt. The seminary exists to prepare, equip and train pastors and leaders of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and various churches in Egypt, the Arab world and Arab communities abroad, to be qualified to serve the church and society. The Presbyterian Foundation serves as a partner to the seminary.

The seminary was founded in 1863 by Presbyterian missionaries on the houseboat Ibis, which was used as a floating seminary for theological studies and practical training. This houseboat used to sail upriver from Aswan in the South to Cairo in the North, where students received lessons from their teachers in the morning and were then trained to do practical ministry in various villages in the evening. In 1926, the current campus was established with the purchase of land in Al-Abbasiya in central Cairo, totaling 3,600 square meters, and a two-story building was soon erected. This building now houses classrooms as well as staff and faculty offices.