Partnering with Donors to Fund Mission

The Presbyterian Foundation partners with donors to realize their philanthropic goals through a variety of charitable giving options.

  • Ministry Relations Officers work with you and your advisors to structure gifts.
  • Donor-advised funds, endowments, and other gift vehicles meet your specific needs and goals.
  • Donors can use planned gifts to provide for long-term needs of their churches, charities, and families.


Our financial and gift planning professionals, called Ministry Relations Officers, work with you and your advisors to structure special gifts for your congregation or other favorite mission and ministry causes. Drawing on extensive training and experience, your Ministry Relations Officer will help you find the right combination of gift and investment vehicles to fit your unique needs and direction.


Donor-advised funds are the fastest growing means of charitable giving today, offering immediate tax advantages, simplified record-keeping, and flexibility in choosing beneficiaries and investment options. They function like a family foundation, offering opportunities to engage your whole family in philanthropic decisions and teach your children to live generously.


Donors used planned gifts to provide for long term needs of their church or chosen charity – and of their families. From trusts and life income gifts to endowments and testamentary gifts, there are many options available to meet your objectives. The Foundation will work with you and your advisors, as well as your chosen beneficiaries, to establish the right gifts for you.


If you are looking for trust and investment management services, choose a partner who shares your faith and values, listens to your personal and financial goals, and devises smart financial solutions to help you reach them. New Covenant Trust Company is a subsidiary of the Presbyterian Foundation and provides a full array of trust and investment services.


Life income plans offer a philanthropic strategy where cash or property is transferred into a pooled income vehicle or charitable trust in return for a lifetime of guaranteed income for the donor. Your chosen charity or fund receives the donated assets upon the donor’s death or upon the death of the last named beneficiary.


Creating a permanent endowment fund is one way to establish an enduring legacy of generosity and faithfulness. The Presbyterian Foundation’s endowments are designed with the goal of maintaining and growing the principal (keeping pace with inflation) while providing an income stream in perpetuity for the chosen beneficiary.


Gifts of non-liquid assets can often provide tax benefits. The Foundation can accept most any type of asset, including real estate, business interests, restricted securities, and personal property, then convert the gift to cash for your chosen charitable fund or beneficiary.