Day of Learning 2

The Presbyterian Foundation is pleased to offer a second Day of Learning with presentations focused on the stewardship of church property. There will be time for questions and answers and an opportunity to see colleagues from across the country.

Join us October 12 for this FREE learning opportunity focused on Managing and Stewarding Church Property.


11:30 am Eastern/8:30 am Pacific – Maggie Harmon will discuss the importance of defining Mission, Vision, and Values in Managing Real-Property Assets. This workshop will help you define your vision as a core purpose, distinguish that from mission and goals so you can focus your ministry in the areas you are called to serve, and give you tools to take back to your congregation to help in understanding what resources you need to ensure continued viability.

2:00 pm Eastern/11:00 am Pacific – Olanda Carr and Robert Hay will give a presentation on Considerations in Property Use, Re-Purposing, and Partnering. In this workshop, we will provide an overview of church partnerships, rental opportunities to consider, conversion/reinvention, and parcel sales will be provided, with careful attention being placed on the amount of time, energy, and resources required for each.

5:30 pm Eastern/2:30 pm Pacific – Paul Grier provides an Overview of Understanding Finance Related to Property. During this presentation, attendees will learn about various types of property-specific information that must be gathered, recommendations for the sequence of work, and how a careful analysis can be undertaken to maximize the financial or missional benefit to the church when considering repurposing options.

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