Presbyterian Endowment Service

A New Endowment Investment Service

The Presbyterian Endowment Service offers access to the Foundation's investment management services for your endowment or other long-term funds. This service invests a managed pool of institutional investments designed to produce income now and for generations to come, using experienced investment managers and a spending formula based on total return policy.

Funds are managed according to a diversified policy established by the Presbyterian Foundation Investment Committee. The Presbyterian Endowment Service utilizes world class managers which are typically only available to the largest of investors.

The Presbyterian Endowment Service enables you to:

  • Retain title to your organization's funds
  • Access the Presbyterian Endowment Service which is managed by institutional money managers
  • Diversify into multiple money managers
  • Utilize Spending Formula guidance and implementation
  • Invest in compliance with the Social Witness Principles of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)
Talk to us about the Presbyterian Endowment Service for your ministry's funds and also learn about other investment options available.