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Financial education needs

Financial literacy is key to maintaining the economic vitality and sustainability of congregations. The Presbyterian Foundation is excited to announce the Church Financial Leadership Academy. This e-learning platform provides financial literacy education in a convenient online format that’s available any time you’re ready.

The self-directed video-based courses will help pastors:

  • Answer questions you may have such as, “Should pastors know what people give”
  • Learn the best practices for stewardship, planned giving, and year-long stewardship efforts
  • Learn about the changing landscape of religious giving
  • Learn how to form generous disciples

As a member of the Church Financial Leadership Academy, pastors will be able to create their own schedule of courses. You can also share the customized playlists with your stewardship team or your session! The Foundation is excited to offer, at no cost, an interactive and educational church finance tool for pastoral leaders.

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