Make Year-End Gifts Now

by Erin Dunigan

Did you know that more charitable giving happens in December than in any other time of the year? Over one-third of all charitable giving is done in the last quarter of the year. The majority of that giving happens in the month of December. According to Greg Rousos, President of...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Jeniffer Rodríguez

by Presbyterian Foundation

While we wait for the coming of our Lord The love of God can surprise us in different ways While we go out with high expectations We can be surprised with hope for a better world While we open our eyes and ears with excitement The joy of God can...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Jeff Sockwell

by Presbyterian Foundation

The fullness of the promise of Advent be yours this day, The hope that cradles us in blessed peace, The hope that intertwines all of creation in awe of joy, The hope that reconnects us in love, star of wonder, The hope that holds us with the tenacious love of...

Reaping a harvest of joy from our tears

by Rev. Erin Hayes-Cook

Psalm 126 When the Lord changed Zion’s circumstances for the better, it was like we had been dreaming. 2 Our mouths were suddenly filled with laughter; our tongues were filled with joyful shouts. It was even said, at that time, among the nations, “The Lord has done great things for...

Building transparency into your church budget

by Nancy Crowe

Transparency keeps money from controlling the church, said Robert Hay, Senior Ministry Relations Officer with the Presbyterian Foundation. Hay’s presentation, “Understanding Budgets and Reports,” was part of the Foundation’s Day of Learning Nov. 8. Here are a few highlights to help church leaders make budgeting more workable, reports more understandable...

A tribute to David Rich: Trusted Friend, Consummate Colleague, & Hospitable Mentor

by Lee Hinson-Hasty

Who are the mentors in your life? How have they hosted you, guided you, loved you, and remained humble, generous? The Reverend David Rich was all this and more to many. Earlier this month (November 11) the Church and the world lost this gift and friend of God, pastors, and...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty

by Presbyterian Foundation

As autumn leaves float down and begin to cultivate the earth for months and years ahead, may we remind our bodies and spirits that new life WILL come. So go and rake, compost, work, wait, and prepare for the tangible growth and progress right underneath our feet! Do not ever...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Adriene Thorne

by Presbyterian Foundation

For many this is a season of thanks-giving. For others a season of mourning. Feasting and weeping, gathering and grieving sit side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Discoverers of the land bump against inhabitants of the land and it is as messy and complicated as a holiday meal…but Jesus too...

Blessings and Benedictions from Rev. Larissa Kwong Abazia

by Presbyterian Foundation

As inhabitants of these earthly bodies, we do not hide from its temporal form. Yet, too often we find ourselves relying solely on the work of our own hands rather than lifting them up to the One who created them. We confuse busyness with blessedness, forgetting we are children of...