Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Dr. Lee Hinson-Hasty

by Presbyterian Foundation

The Gospel of Mark (13:24-37) reminds us that there are days of suffering when "the moon will not give its light." God calls us to keep watch, stay alert, even when we are weary ... to find ways to shine...

Blessing and Benediction from Robyn Davis Sekula

by Presbyterian Foundation

Let us enter this season of Thanksgiving finding gratitude anew for our life in Christ, which sustains us in times of plenty and times of want, in times of joy and sorrow. – Robyn Davis Sekula

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Dr. Ted Wardlaw

by Presbyterian Foundation

“And now friends, go out into the world in peace, go back to work in peace, encounter the sacredness in the midst of the secular in peace. And as you go, remember that you never go alone, Christ our Lord...

Blessing and Benediction from Nancy C. Lee

by Presbyterian Foundation

“As the shadows lengthen and the weary world is hushed, may the Lord grant you strength, peace and hope for tomorrow. Amen.” Nancy C. Lee, Elmhurst College provided this blessing and benediction as part of a Facebook Live discussion with...

Blessing and Benediction from David King

by Presbyterian Foundation

“I send you out with the knowledge and the wisdom that you are enough for this work, that you have the skills to excel in teaching and others to transform their understandings of money today, and into the future. I...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Stephen Lewis

by Presbyterian Foundation

“Friends, may the eternal continue to call us to courage. May our communities be sites of courageous leadership in a world that longs for their healing wisdom. May we have the heart to risk our self interest in pursuit of...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Dr. Rodger Nishioka

by Presbyterian Foundation

“{When asked} are you worried about the church, my answer is no, because we are not ‘our’ church – we are the church of Jesus Christ. And we will be the church of Jesus Christ as long as the God...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Emily McGinley

by Presbyterian Foundation

“Go out and embrace that holy calling you have to embody energy, intelligence, and imagination. And also remember you are not doing this for your people, you are doing this for Jesus and you are released from the judgements and...

Blessing and Benediction from Rev. Dr. José Irizarry

by Presbyterian Foundation

“We’re living in difficult, challenging times so my blessing for you today is that when the pathways of hope close, may you find a way. When the voice around you sound ambivalent and uncertain, may you be captured by truth....