Advent Preparations

December 5, 2017 by Lee Hinson-Hasty

Like Lent, Advent is a season of preparation in the liturgical year. I wonder, what are we preparing for and how? Mentor to Martin Luther King, Jr., co-pastor of an intentionally multicultural church in the 1950’s, and dean of the chapel at Boston University, Howard Thurman writes about the “strange irony in the usual salutation, ‘Merry Christmas,’ when most of the people on this planet are thrown back upon themselves for food which they do not possess, for resources that have long since been exhausted, and for vitality which has already run its course.” (Meditations of the Heart, e-book location 1664)

This traditional salutation as an Advent question helps us center ourselves and begin to turn in sync with God, I think: “Merry Christmas?” Other questions flow out of this question: Merry Christmas, where? Merry Christmas, how? Merry Christmas, when?

So as you prepare for a Merry Christmas, I invite you use Advent devotional resources from many of our as a guide in answering, “Merry Christmas?”

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A blessed Advent to you and yours. Now, let us prepare the way for the Lord.