"For young people experiencing the joy of giving and learning how their gifts have made a difference in people’s lives can create a lifelong habit of giving."
"This is a time in my life when I want to explore where to donate. I look forward to the shift from focusing on career to focusing on people’s needs."
"One of our greatest joys is sharing our giving with our children. We love the flexibility of our fund and made almost all of our 2016 year-end gifts from it — more than 20 in total."
Sherry Kenney Employee Focus
"But when you establish your DAF through the Presbyterian Foundation, you support the Presbyterian Church."
Sherry Kenney
"I have tithed all my life. I wanted to make sure that even in death I would give a tenth of what my estate is worth."
Skaggs Parish Associate Westminster Presbyterian Church in Austin
"The key is not how much you give. The important thing is to start and to make a commitment to continue."
Steve Matos