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Donor Dashboard Help

Click a link from the menu below to see illustrated instructions for the most common tasks in your Donor Dashboard.

Your Fund

View Fund Balance

The balances of your fund are visible in the Your Fund menu.  This includes the current available balance of your fund, as well as the grantable balance.  The grantable balance is simply the available balance, minus any grants that you have submitted that are in process, but not yet completed and paid.

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View Investment Holdings

To view the current investments held by your Donor Advised Fund, click on the View Investment Allocations link in the Your Fund menu.

This "Portfolio Snapshot" will display the information for all investment currently held by your fund, including a pie chart indicating the percentage allocation of each holding.



Request Investment Changes

Should you wish to request a change to your investment allocations, simply click the Change Investment Select link in the Account Actions menu.

Enter the percentage allocations you prefer, and click Save.  This instruction will be received, reviewed, and executed by Foundation staff.  Should you need further information on the investment options offered, please click on the Investment Description (?) link. 


Historical Info

View Contribution History

To view your Contribution History, click on the Contribution History link in the Navigation menu.

You can sort, filter, and export the list of contributions.


View Grant History

To view your Grant History, click on the Grant History link in the Navigation menu.

You can sort, filter, and export this list of grants.


View Statements

Historical statements for your account have been loaded to this new system.  Going forward, your statement will be generated from within this new online portal.  To find your statements, click on the View Statements link in the Your Fund menu.

Your statements are available for viewing and/or download.


Make a Contribution

Electronic Gifts

To make a contribution to your Donor Advised Fund using a credit card, debit card, or an ACH (eCheck) from your checking or savings account, click the Contribute to Account button located in the Your Fund menu. 

Then select the Credit Card or ACH payment method. 

For security purposes, verify your login credentials.

Enter the amount of your contribution, and click Next.

Select your payment type (credit/debit card or ACH) and provide your payment information.  You may use the address we have on file for your transaction.  However, if your billing address differs from the address displayed, please select Add new address, and enter your billing address.  Once complete, click Next.

You may opt to make your gift in honor of or in memory of someone.  To do so, select yes at this step, and enter the person's name.  You may include their address here as well.

Review the summary of your contribution.  You may edit the transaction at this time if you wish.  When complete, click Submit.  You will receive both a confirmation screen online, as well as a confirmation email that your transaction has been received.  Once your gift has been processed, your Gift Acknowledgment letter (for your tax-reporting purposes) will be uploaded to the portal for your viewing, where it may be downloaded and/or printed.


Non-electronic Gifts

To make a non-electronic contribution to your Donor Advised Fund, such as a check you will mail or the transfer of securities or other assets, click the Contribute to Account button located in the Your Fund menu.

Then select the Check, Securities, or Other Assets payment method. 

Next, click the Contribute link next to your fund's name.

Select your name from the list of fund contributors.  You may select other individuals who are listed, such as your spouse, if you would like others acknowledged for this gift as well.  You may add a new contributor if you do not see the other individual you are looking for.  Once you have selected the appropriate donors' names, click Next.

From the Asset Type dropdown box, select the type of asset you wish to transfer and complete all available fields, such as the check amount, or the name of a security, its estimated value, ticker, and the number of shares to be contributed.  Once completed, click Add Asset.

The added asset will now be listed at the bottom of the page. 

You may also enter additional assets as well by completing the top portion of the page and clicking Add Asset again.  When all gift assets you wish to contribute have been added, click Next.

Review the details of your contribution, including the selected assets and donor names.  Once reviewed, click Submit.

You will receive both a confirmation screen that your contribution information was submitted and an email confirming your submission was received.  Please click on the Download Asset Transfer Form link in the Contribution Actions menu.  Here you will find further information on how to complete a transfer of securities.  If you will be sending a check by mail, please complete and return this form to the Presbyterian Foundation along with your check.


Make a Grant

Charity Search

Click on the Make a Grant Recommendation link in the Navigation menu.

Search for the charity to receive the grant.

Find your selected charity in the search results, and click Make a Grant Recommendation.

You will be directed to the Grant Recommendation form, which will be prepopulated with the organization's name and address.  Enter your grant amount and any special purpose or restrictions for the use of the grant money, if applicable.  You may opt to schedule this grant to recur in the future or for this grant to be delivered to the charity anonymously.  If not anonymous, select the donor to be recognized for this grant.  If there are other individuals associated with your fund, such as your spouse, you may select more than one person for recognition by holding down the Control key on your keyboard and clicking each name with your mouse.  When the form is complete, click Next.

You may opt to submit this grant for processing at a future date, as well as make changes to the information on your form.  Please read the Legal Affirmation statement regarding your recommendation.  When finished, check the associated box to agree to the Legal Affirmation, and click Submit.

You will be directed to a confirmation screen with a summary of your grant recommendation.  Once submitted, your grant will be reviewed and submitted for approval by Foundation staff before being distributed to the charity.  For further information regarding the grant approval process, please refer to the Program Guide.


Grant Again

It is now even easier to make a grant to a charity to which you've granted before.  After clicking on the Make a Grant Recommendation link in the Navigation menu, organizations who have received a grant from your fund in the past are listed on the Make a Grant Recommendation page.  To grant again to one of the organizations, simply click on the organization name to be taken to the Grant Recommendation form. 


Can't find a Charity?

Can't find the charity you're looking for in the search results?  After clicking on the Make a Grant Recommendation link in the Navigation menu, simply click on the Enter Your Charity link to enter the organization's name & address yourself, and click Next.  You'll then be directed to the grant recommendation form for this organization.  Foundation staff will validate the organization and add it to the search database for future use.


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