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  • A Culture of Giving
    Pastor Rob Erickson of First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City, Missouri encourages his congregation to know the importance of giving back. He discusses the generous donations that members have made to not only sustain, but grow the church.
  • A Legacy of Trust
    Ruth White tells us the story of her friend Iris and the gift she gave to Trinity Presbyterian Church in Pensacola that allowed them to expand their ministries beyond what the normal operating budget allowed.
  • Faithful Choices - Big Impact
    Judy Whitford of First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa makes a big impact through her decision to leave ten percent of her estate to the church. She hopes that it will help her congregation empower others in the future as they have empowered her in the past.
  • Price Gwynn - Start the Conversation
    Challenging Presbyterians to openly discuss bequests/planned gifts to the church as a witness to their testimony and provide valuable resources for generations to come.
  • Chaplains to the Community
    Pastor Alan Cummings of Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church in Ocala, Florida leads his congregation in focusing on community outreach and service. They do so through numerous programs such as The Boys and Girls Club, a daycare center, and emergency assistance. He points out the important role that planned giving plays in their outreach ministries.

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