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    Culture of Generosity
  • Leadership
    Part 1 of 4. A culture of generosity celebrates the resources God has given us and understands the spiritual impact that giving away those resources has on us as individuals and as congregations. In this seminar Kevin Garvey explores the biblical and theological basis for generosity, applies these principles to annual & legacy giving efforts, and shows you how to develop a Generosity/Stewardship annual calendar and create an implementation plan for your church.
  • Ready Set Give

  • Recognition
    Part 4 of 4
  • Reformation 500 Video Series
    500 years ago, Martin Luther published his 95 Theses, an act many credit as the start of the Reformation. How does that history inform our Church today?
  • Solicitation
    Part 3 of 4
  • The Pastor as CEO
    Like it or not, the pastor either intentionally or not has a gret deal to do with the whole congregation's approach to money - how much comes in and how it is spent - reflecting the church's priorities. Kevin Garvey and Terri Bate present.
  • Reformation 500 Videos
  • 1 - The Reformation
    500 years ago, Martin Luther published his 95 Theses, an act many credit as the start of the Reformation. How does that history inform our Church today?
  • 2 - Wittenberg, Zurich and Geneva: Cradles of the Reformation
    Wittenberg, Zurich and Geneva gave birth to two great streams of reformation doctrine in life. Streams that flow into the present and guide our faith today.
  • 3 - Martin Luther
    Martin Luther was a seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation rejecting certain teachings and practices in the Roman Catholic church. 
  • 4 - A Witness to the Reformation
    "Wherever the Word of God is purely preached and heard, and the sacraments administered in accordance with Christ's institution, there, it cannot be doubted, a church of God exists." John Calvin
  • 5- Huldrych Zwingli
    Zwingli was a leader of the Reformation in Switzerland. He is the only major reformer of the 16th century whose movement did not evolve into a church.
  • 6 - John Calvin
    John Calvin was a central developer of the system of Christian theology called Calvinism or Reformed theology. He is famous for his teachings and writings, in particular for his Institutes of the Christian Religion.
  • Foundation Overview Videos
  • Living Forward

    At Presbyterian Foundation we help connect people with their dreams for the future.

  • 3 Ways to Give

  • Inspired Giving
    Howard Poole and his family used a Permanent Endowment Fund from the Presbyterian Foundation to create a lasting and effective ministry to feed people.
  • Live Forward Give Forward Videos
  • A Culture of Giving
    Pastor Rob Erickson of First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City, Missouri encourages his congregation to know the importance of giving back. He discusses the generous donations that members have made to not only sustain, but grow the church.
  • A Legacy of Trust
    Ruth White tells us the story of her friend Iris and the gift she gave to Trinity Presbyterian Church in Pensacola that allowed them to expand their ministries beyond what the normal operating budget allowed.
  • Faithful Choices - Big Impact
    Judy Whitford of First Presbyterian Church in Iowa City, Iowa makes a big impact through her decision to leave ten percent of her estate to the church. She hopes that it will help her congregation empower others in the future as they have empowered her in the past.
  • Price Gwynn - Start the Conversation
    Challenging Presbyterians to openly discuss bequests/planned gifts to the church as a witness to their testimony and provide valuable resources for generations to come.
  • Chaplains to the Community
    Pastor Alan Cummings of Silver Springs Shores Presbyterian Church in Ocala, Florida leads his congregation in focusing on community outreach and service. They do so through numerous programs such as The Boys and Girls Club, a daycare center, and emergency assistance. He points out the important role that planned giving plays in their outreach ministries.
  • Foundation Partner Videos
  • 1001: Funding New Worshiping Communities
    Presbyterians are doing church in all kinds of creative ways - and the Presbyterian Foundation is helping - identifying resources and making them available for new worshiping communities.
  • A Hill of Hope - Bright Stars of Bethlehem
    A look at the Dar al-Kalima College in Bethlehem.
  • American Memorial Church

  • Gambell Alaska - Building for Revival
    On a rocky island in the Bering Sea, just 30 miles from the coast of Siberia, the Eskimo village of Gambell Alaska is home to a Presbyterian congregation with a big vision. They want to see a new revival sweep the Church, and they hope it will start with them.
  • God's Hidden Treasures
    Presbyterian congregations are joining hands to support God's Hidden Treasures, a ministry in Ukraine to children and adults with physical or mental challenges. The Presbyterian Foundation is helping.
  • Jinishian Memorial Fund
    The Jinishian Memorial Program carries out relief and development work among the Armenian communities in the Middle East and Armenia. With wars raging in Syria and Iraq, their work has become even more vital.
  • Jinishian Memorial Fund
    The Jinishian Memorial Program carries out relief and development work among the Armenian communities in the Middle East and Armenia. With wars raging in Syria and Iraq, their work has become even more vital.
  • Near East School of Theology - Benjamin Weir
    The Near East School of Theology (NEST) serves a vital role educating leaders for churches in the Middle East. The school has created a scholarship in honor of Ben Weir, former mission worker, hostage, and moderator of the PC(USA) General Assembly.
  • Syria Relief Work

  • Veeda Javaid-Presbyterian Education Board
    Veeda Javaid, director of the Presbyterian Education Board in Pakistan, describes the schools and ministries there, especially in Martinpur, named for Presbyterian missionary Samuel Martin.
  • Wycliffe - Kuna Scripture Dedication
    This video tells the story of the forty year effort to translate the Bible into the Kuna language, and shows the celebrations among the Kuna people of Panama upon receiving the printed bibles in September, 2014.
  • Wycliffe Short Version

  • Positive Investment
  • Education
    Part of the Transformational Investment Series with the Presbyterian Foundation, Dar al-Kalima College in Bethlehem provides hope and a future to the young people of Palestine.
  • Microfinance
    I microfinance loan of just $3000 helped Bouthaina, a young woman in Ramallah, open four stores and create sustainable jobs
  • Overview
    Introduction to the Presbyterian Foundation's Positive Investment in Palestine program.
  • Overview - Enhanced
    Introduction to the Presbyterian Foundation's Positive Investment in Palestine program, including interviews with Palestinian, Israeli, and US stakeholders.
  • Renewable Energy
    The Presbyterian Foundation's Investment in construction of a solar energy facility should reduce the electric costs for the Arab Development Society by 1/3.
  • Project Regeneration
  • Astoria Presbyterian Church
    A congregation in New York City reinvents itself after selling its crumbling building.
  • Friendship Presbyterian Church
    The story of how 2 churches on the outskirts of Chicago have become one and experienced new vitality, vision & financial freedom.
  • Pilgrimage Presbyterian
    Tom Taylor shares the story of Pilgrimage Presbyterian Church crafted an enduring legacy with the help of the Presbyterian Foundation's Project ReGeneration.
  • Training Videos
  • Christian Financial Planning for Generations

  • Endowment 202

  • Foundation as Partner

  • Funny You should ask about Stewardship

  • Making Money Move for Mission and Ministry
    It exists - it is there - millions of dollars that can make a difference. It may be in the rainy day fund or your pocket or someone else's pocket. In this video, Lisa Longo and Charlie Spencer present ways to tap these resources, remove road blocks, and grease the skids to get money moving through the system to support mission and ministry.
  • Making the Ask

  • Multiracial and Multicultural Financial Stewardship

  • Personal Financial Planning

  • Role of the Pastor in Stewardship

  • Sermon: By Speaking the Truth in Love

  • Sermon: Tell them the old, old story


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