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When asked where they struggle the most in their ministry, pastors again and again respond that they have the hardest time coming up with fresh sermon ideas. This is especially true for major holidays – like Christmas and Easter – and most of all for stewardship.

The Presbyterian Foundation is here to help – with a 3-CD series of sermons about stewardship and giving, delivered by some of the Presbyterian Church's finest preachers. These messages will inspire you and give you ideas for future sermons of your own.

  • Joyful Generosity (2016) features sermons by Rev. Dr. Dan Baumgartner, Reb. Saray Sarchet Butter, Rev. Dr. Thomas Daniel, Rev. Jeffy Deck, Rev. Alfred Graise, Reb. Dr. Jack Haberer, Rev. Dr. Mark Labberton, Rev. Dr. Mike Loudon, Rev. Dr. Steve Marsh

  • Growing Deeper (2014) features sermons by Dave Davis, Mindy Douglas, Steve Eason, Christopher Edmonston, Peter James, Richard Kannwischer, Paul Kirbas, Maggie Lauterer, and Alice Ridgill. Listen to the CD
  • Growing Generosity (2012) features sermons by Craig Barnes, Peter Barnes, Georges Bitar, Scott Dudley, John Gable, Lewis Galloway, Diane Givens Moffett, Rhashell Hunter, Michael Lindvall, Vic Pentz, James Foster Reese, and George Wirth. Listen to the CD
  • Growing Giving (2010) includes sermons by Mark Brewer, Cynthia Campbell, Christine Chakoian, Jin S. Kim, Mark Lomax, John Ortberg, Dave Peterson, and David Swanson. Listen to the CD

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