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Endowment Tool Box

Inside the Endowment Toolbox are pieces in a variety of formats that offer answers to questions about an endowment for your church. If you have considered an endowment for your church, if you want to grow an existing one, if you’ve had one in the past that suffered from opposition or poor management – this toolbox can help.

For extra encouragement, watch the video of Dr. James Reese as he talks about what motivates people to support an endowment. This revealing section answers two critical questions: “Can I make a difference?” and the theological one: “What am I going to do with my toys when I can no longer can play with them.” Here one finds the underpinnings for inspirational giving.

The leadership guide is another great tool. Any committee which is working on the task of creating and managing an endowment will find in it great information to help guide them through the process. This guide can be downloaded as well as all the other materials.

Remember the Presbyterian Foundation encourages you to use language that you find in our brochures and handouts. In many cases this helps your church to develop unique marketing materials that are specific to your situation.

And of course, if you have questions along the way, talk to your Ministry Relations Officer. We’re always eager to assist.

Rob Hagan

Ministry Relations Officer
Northwest Region
Featured Resources
Planned Giving Leadership Guide
Resource for the planned giving or endowment committee at a local congregation to assist with attracting gifts.
PDF | Updated 07/21/2016
Living & Leaving a Legacy
Website | Updated 02/10/2015
Creating an Endowment Fund Guide
Essential guide to establishing a Legacy, Planned Giving, or Endowment committee for your church.
PDF | Updated 02/10/2015

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