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Ministry Partnership Program FAQs

Donor Information

Will our members (donors) receive a confirmation of their gift(s) for tax purposes?
Yes, donations are acknowledged by email and sent to the email address provided by the donor at the time of the gift. 
Will we receive notifications when our members/supporters make gifts to our fund?
Yes, Fund Administrators will receive an email from Presbyterian Mission Exchange notifying them a donation has been made to their Ministry Partnership Fund. 
Is donor information kept private?
Yes.  All transactions follow PCI Compliance requirements. 

Fund set up and withdrawals

What should I expect after the application is submitted to the Foundation?
Fund Administrators will receive an email with a link to your ministry’s donation page, sample “donate” buttons for your website and a document explaining how to log in to the Presbyterian Mission Exchange to access your account information. 
Can we set up separate “funds” to designate special giving? 
Yes, separate funds can be set up. This is an excellent way to help simplify the recordkeeping for donations given for different needs. 
Is there a fee to set up multiple funds?
No, there are no additional fees for multiple funds.  Fees are charged per transaction.
Is there a minimum balance requirement?
No, there is no minimum balance required. 
Are there any limitations on the amount of the withdrawal?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $100, and there are no charges associated with withdrawals. 
When can we make withdrawals?
Withdrawals can be requested at any time. Distribution of the withdrawal will occur as soon as the funds are available. 
Is the withdrawal sent to Fund Administrators by check or deposited in a bank account?
The preferred and safest method to receive a withdrawal is a direct deposit to your ministry’s bank account.  The bank information is requested on the application.  

Credit and Debit Cards

Is the credit card option automatically included in the giving option or can we choose to opt out of the credit card portion and only allow the use of debit cards?
Both types of transactions are included.  Currently, opt-out options are not available.  We encourage the responsible use of credit cards. 
How do donors make a gift using a debit card?
There are two options for giving on the Donation form – credit card/direct debit and direct transfer from bank account.  Credit and debit cards are both recognized as a credit card giving option.  To use a debit card, the individual selects credit card on the donation form.  Direct debit is a donation from an individual’s checking account. 
What is the difference in fees for credit cards and direct debit?
The fee for credit and debit cards is the actual charge the Foundation incurs, which is 2.598 percent of the donation plus $.26 per transaction.  The Foundation’s fee is 1 percent of the donation.
The Foundation does not incur an additional charge for a direct debit so the total fee is 1 percent for a donation from an individual’s checking account.
All fees are taken from the donation amount. The donor may claim a charitable contribution for the entire gift amount.

Marketing Online Giving

How can we set up a QR Code?
A quick response code (QR code) allows a smart phone to scan and direct the donor to a specific website.  You can easily make your own QR code by using a site such as Kaywa:  Simply put in the web address (URL) for the page you want the code to point to and the site generates the graphic, which can then be downloaded and printed on all materials.
Where can I find tips and resources to promote online giving?
An Online Giving Start-up Kit is provided and sent to the churches’ fund administrators.  A monthly enewsletter is sent to all ministry partners with tips and links to resources that will be helpful in marketing online giving to your members and supporters. 

Fund Administration

Will we receive regular statements regarding account status?
Fund Administrators can view their account online at any time and export an Excel summary statement. The summary statement includes the date the donation was made, donor name, amount of the donation, type of credit card or direct debit, the donor’s address and email. 
Can you tell me more about how the funds are invested? 
Currently the funds are invested in a money market vehicle, but additional investment options will soon be available. 
What is the frequency of the data backup?
The data captured in the Presbyterian Mission Exchange is backed up nightly. 
How soon are gift donations available for review by fund administrators?
All gifts are processed the next business day following the donation.
Are donations made through the Presbyterian Mission Exchange reported by the Presbyterian Foundation to the IRS for charitable tax purposes?
The Presbyterian Foundation does not report giving to the IRS.  The donor receives an email confirmation of the donation at the time the gift is made.
Does the Presbyterian Foundation provide donors with a year-end charitable contribution donation summary for donations made through the Presbyterian Mission Exchange for tax purposes?
The Presbyterian Foundation does not send the donor a year-end summary report. The donor receives an email confirmation of the donation at the time the gift is made.  The export function on the fund summary page in the Presbyterian Mission Exchange was designed to provide a summary report of the donations made to the organization. These gifts should not be included in your financial software; or if they are included should contain a disclaimer that the donation was made through the Presbyterian Mission Exchange and confirmation of the gift was provided by the Presbyterian Foundation at the time the donation was made.
We are currently working on functionality that will allow a donor the option to “sign in” to the Presbyterian Mission Exchange and view their online giving records.
Updated July 2013

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