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Seminary Support Network

The Seminary Support Network is an essential partnership in promoting the Theological Education Fund and for helping churches across the denomination understand the importance of theological education through our Presbyterian seminaries. The network has grown significantly over the years and is made up of two different groups.
Presbytery Resource Persons: Representing 140 different presbyteries, these voluntary resource persons serve as liaisons between their presbyteries and national offices in support of theological education. They interpret the TEF and lift up the importance of theological education among PC(USA) congregations. They also maintain regular communication with one of the 16 Synod Regional Representatives who help resource and nurture them in their work. 
Regional / Synod Representatives:  These representatives from each Synod serve by identifying, training, and equipping Presbytery Resource Persons as they promote the TEF among congregations in each of the presbyteries. They also function as primary links among mid councils in interpreting the TEF and inspiring support for theological education throughout the church.

Each Network member holds a profound appreciation of the seminaries and the work they do. Their enthusiasm and ability to engage others in supporting and celebrating theological education is greatly appreciate by seminaries and churches alike.
Learn from a few Network members why theological education matters:

  David Stipp-Bethune, Teaching Elder, El Dorado, Arkansas
By giving to TEF we support our churches’ ministry and its future by helping our church keep its commitment to assuring that Christ’s ministry continues among us always. Won’t you join me in supporting the work of our seminaries and TEF?
Read More
  Liz McDowell, Ruling Elder, Westernville, New York
Sometimes loving God with one’s mind is forgotten, but among Presbyterians, mind has been valued. We recognize that theology can be defined as “faith seeking understanding.” Read More
  Susan Cornman, Ruling Elder, Arvada, Colorado
The gift given now becomes a stake in the future. 
I believe in the future. Read More
  Rev. Al Gephart
I serve with the Seminary Support Network because I believe in the need of an informed and creative clergy. Read More
  Ann Hayman, Teaching Elder, Santa Monica, California
Our seminaries are institutions poised to equip women and men called to ministries of preaching, teaching, pastoral care, and social justice.  At the same time our seminaries engage the needs of the church and the wider world in a host of caring and creative ways. Read More
  Mike Foster, Teaching Elder, Phoenix, Oregon
But yet, as much as they (we) hold on to these stories of God’s presents, we have difficulty believing God’s presence in the reality of our stories; we can hardly see (let alone believe) our presence within God’s story. Read More
  Catrelia Steele Hunter, Ruling Elder, Cleveland, North Carolina
I believe that when we support seminaries, we are supporting the transformation and creation of congregations and communities that witness to the Goodness of God by loving and serving God's people. Read More
  Matthew Sauer, Teaching Elder, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
I support the TEF because without Theological Education we would be striving in vain to be Christ to this broken world. Read More
  Jeffrey Sumner, Teaching Elder, Daytona Beach Shores, FL
I am a wholehearted advocate for our Presbyterian seminaries. As a PC(USA) pastor, I have held various positions in our presbytery  Read More


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